Two announcements for today!

First, we had several excellent submissions for the Rusty & Co. fan art contest, and the Knights of the Ruined Table have selected two winners! Congratulations go to Vinyadan and dmalmu for getting the most votes, and each will receive a Rusty plush! A big thanks and a Gnome-Prize to everyone who entered:

Vinyadan     dmalmu     noobtuber     DeviKellyParzifal

To see the entries from all past contests, check out the Fan Art page.

Secondly, today’s strip marks the end of a Patreon cycle, so if you’d like to receive the current set of perks, please take a look at the Rusty & Co. Patreon Page and join up! Special considerations go to the cameo tier, where you receive your character appearing in the comic itself!