The Party

Name: Rusty
Species: Rust Monster
An eager young monster out to prove himself as a hero. He’d probably be more effective if he wasn’t so easily distracted.
Name: Mimic
Species: Mimic
The charismatic face of the team. So he says.
Name: Gelatinous Cube
Species: Gelatinous Cube
The team’s muscle. Loyal and brave. The strong, silent type.


Name: Prestige Perkins
Species: Human
Class: Wizard
Investigator and prestidigitator. Easily excitable.
Name: “Stabs” Doogan
Species: Halfling
Class: Rogue
She’s a thousand pounds of pain in a three-foot frame.
Name: Roxanne Casbaugh
Species: Elf
Class: Bard
Name: Madeline Goodlaw
Species: Human
Class: Paladin
Ditzy do-gooder.
Name: The Princess
Species: Human
Class: Monk
Perfectly capable of saving herself.
Name: Tarta Moon-Shiner
Species: Dwarf
Class: Druid


Name: Dog Town
Species: Derro
Name: Blood Bath
Species: Derro
Name: Rib Cage
Species: Derro
Name: Soft Tail
Species: Derro
Name: Captain Ragnar Ruffenuff
Species: Human?
Warmonger / Fishmonger.
Name: Hortzak
Species: Fishfolk
Cold-blooded merchant.
Name: Berky
Species: Fishfolk
Pointy, but not sharp.
Name: Llewell
Species: Fishfolk
Swings his weight around.
Name: Myrmarch Antropas
Species: Formian
Hotelier looking to expand the business.
Name: The Viscount
Species: Human
Above a baron, below an earl, just to the left of Evil.
Name: D. D. Burnum
Species: Derro
Ringmaster and ringleader. Napoleon complex writ large.
Name: Steak Knife
Species: Derro
Name: Card Shark
Species: Derro
Name: Con Job
Species: Derro
Name: Boot Cut
Species: Derro
Name: Y.T.
Species: Lamia
Low-down sidewinder.
Name: “Koenig”
Species: Vampire
Vampire hipster.
Name: “Ezra”
Species: Vampire
Hipster vampire.
Name: Anti-Madeline
Species: Human (Sort of.)
The physical manifestation of Madeline’s evil side.
Name: The Philosophical Zombie
Species: Human, Undead
The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.
Name: Sir Malevolus
Species: Human
Blackguard for hire.
Name: Grinner Stankbreath
Species: Gnoll
Chieftain of the Stankbreath Tribe, hidden deep in the heart of the Timberton Woods.
Name: Slobber Stankbreath
Species: Gnoll
Loyal goofus.
Name: Cleave-Hand
Species: Gnoll
Grinner’s second-in-command.
Name: Plaidbeard
Species: Dwarf
The pugnacious land-pirate with the polychromatic beard.
Name: Errol and Flynn
Species: Humans
Interchangeable lackeys.
Name: Calamitus
Species: Human?
Sorcerer, schemer and malcontent. Ambition without a clue.


Name: The White Knight
Species: Human
Feeling much better now.
Name: Derek Hyssop
Species: Human
Pacifist, despite it all.
Name: Dorilys Happ
Species: Human
Cleric of circumstance.
Name: Dirk Doogan
Species: Halfling
Stabs’ cousin. Schlemiel.
Name: Kris Doogan
Species: Halfling
Stabs’ cousin. Schlimazel.
Name: Golden Gus
Species: Golem
Shiny, smooth.


Name: Sweet Alyssa
Species: Elf
Rue Lily’s assistant. So helpful. Really.
Name: Dahlia Bombini
Species: Elf
Rue Lily’s bodyguard. Has her work cut out for her.
Name: Olivier
Species: Lost Soul
Tough guy, even in death.
Name: Gielgud
Species: Lost Soul
Not enjoying the afterlife much.
Name: Myrmarch Antoinette
Species: Formian
Creepy hotelier. That is, she’s a little creepy, and not the hotelier of a creepy hotel. Though the hotel is pretty creepy too…
Name: Rue Lily
Species: Elf
Surly captain of the Green Sox gnomish baseball team.
Name: “Hammer” Robbie
Species: Troll
Enthusiastic captain of The Code gnomish baseball team.
Name: The Pitch King
Species: Unknown
Captain of The Swingwraiths gnomish baseball team.
Name: Drago Stromscale
Species: Dragonman
Scheming captain of The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Patina
Species: Rust Monster
Shortstop for The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Byron Bloodhoof
Species: Minotaur
Defensive Tackle for The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Claudia Pinfeather
Species: Harpy
Left second base player for The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Nephthys
Species: Human, undead
Right second base player for The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Galeb Dan
Species: Rock creature
Catcher for The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Trapweaver
Species: Ettercap
Goalie for The Thunder gnomish baseball team.
Name: Dr. Grawlf
Species: Gnoll
Exiled from his tribe for reasons completely unrelated to his scientific curiosity. Honest.
Name: Robespierre
Species: Human
A barbarian who enjoys his job just a little too much.
Name: The Royal Sage
Species: Human
The Princess’s advisor. Basically ignored.
Name: Zar
Species: Human
The flyin’ psion.
Name: Schmetts
Species: Some kinda pixie or fairy or something. What’s it to you, anyway!?
She’s not as think as you drunk she is.
Name: Glib
Species: Gibbering mouther
Former wandering monster, now wandering thespian.
Name: Gordie
Species: Gorgon
Former wandering monster, now entrepreneur.
Name: Dinkum
Species: Gnome
One stop shop for all your adventuring needs.
Name: Twit
Species: Bluebird
Freelance Animal Messenger.
Name: Pixie Chicks
Species: Elves


Name: Temper Feujette
Species: Half-demon
Hapless alchemist just trying to do her job.
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Name: Keeffe
Species: Demonic familiar
Temper’s shiftless assistant.
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