Frequently* Asked Questions

(* At least twice)

Q: What exactly is going on in this comic?
A: Rusty & Co. follows the tale of three monsters who try to prove they can be heroic adventurers, just like humans and elves and other “pretty” races.

Q: What are those creatures, and what are they doing?
A: Rusty, the orange bug-like guy, is a rust monster. The box with the toothy grin is a mimic. The large, green cube is a gelatinous cube. If you ever see a creature you don’t recognize, look it up in the Monster Guide

Q: What edition are Rusty and his friends in?
A: The story isn’t tied to any specific edition or version.

Q: Can I link to you on my blog/webcomic?
A: Sure!

Q: Can I use parts of the comic to make forum avatars, IM avatars, or the like?
A: Yes, freely.

Q: What’s the deal with the Gnome-Prizes?
A: They are just my way of thanking people who have helped with the comic by providing fan-art, contributing to the comic’s creation, helping with technical issues, or providing particularly painful puns.

Q: Gold doesn’t rust.
A: That’s not a question.

Q: Why do you censor the swearing in your comic?
A: Several fans have written in that they read the comic with their kids, and they appreciate it. It’s also funnier to me for some reason.

Q: But you don’t censor the violence?
A: I’m American.

Q: Did one of the older strips change?
A: Sometimes I go back and fix small issues, typos, or continuity problems.

Q: On the Cast Page, you have some of the characters in the wrong category.
A: To avoid spoilers, characters are listed by their initial appearance, and not where they may migrate to over time.

Q: If the story is named “Level N”, does that mean every protagonist in that story is level N?
A: No.

Q: My comment didn’t show up after I submitted it.
A: The anti-spam settings are set pretty high, since I get about a 100 spam comments a day. If you hit a particular keyword, used a link, or edited your comment, your comment was placed in an admin queue for approval. Check back in a few hours.

Q: What happened regarding your Kickstarter/IP troubles?
A: Wizards of the Coast felt my Kickstarter was treading dangerously close to their trademarks, so they sent a cease and desist. The site was down for a while, but after weeks of negotiating, WOTC allowed the site and the Kickstarter to continue, with some specific modifications. You can read about it all here.

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