Rusty the Rust Monster – 14″ Plush

Liven up your RPG sessions with this cute and cuddly creature! Okay, so he doesn’t actually eat metal, but with little magnets in his feelers, he can stick to it pretty well — if you ever need help getting your keys from under the couch or keeping your paperclips all in one place, he’s the bug for the job!

Rusty is made with hypoallergenic materials and is safe for children ages 8 and up. Shipping is $10 for U.S. deliveries and $20 for International orders.

25.00 USD, while supplies last.

Rare Monsters and How to Survive Meeting Them

A collection of 26 new and unusual monsters, ranging from low-level to high-level challenge ratings. Each creature is perfect for rounding out a dungeon, and provides plenty of notes to serve as a new adventure hook as well.

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