For those not familiar with the creatures in Rusty & Co., we offer this handy field guide to recognizing them.


Angry frog guys. Seriously.


If a cremini is a type of mushroom and a minion is a type of underling, then this is both those things.


Subterranean dwarves. More subterranean, that is. Like, subterraneaner. Crazier than your average dwarf. More blue, too. Like, bluer.


Spirits of fire that often serve as bodyguards or sentinels. They do not grant wishes, especially not wishes like “I wish you’d stop burning me!”


All the hubris of dragons, plus all the hubris of humans.


Dwarves are stout, hearty humanoids who live in mountains. Despite being dour and taciturn, they have a knack for providing comedy relief.


The exact opposite of a dwarf.


A vicious breed of ogre that usually work as enforcers and thugs for more cunning evil creatures. Twice the number of heads, half the number of brains.


Old-school tough guys.


Ant-folk. Bugs in the system.

Gelatinous Cube

An enormous, mindless slime creature that roams corridors and hallways looking for its next meal. Remarkably easy to draw.


Hyena-men. No laughing matter.


Not your garden-variety trickster.


Roly-poly bundles of murderous rage.


Like goblins, but hobbier.


An uppity sort of surface-dwelling, hairless ape. Dwarves think of them as fragile, elves think of them as clumsy, and monsters think of them as tasty.

Interdimensional Horror From Beyond The Edge of Reality

Challenge rating: tough.

Another Interdimensional Horror From Beyond The Edge of Reality

Challenge rating: tougher.


An enormous squiddy thing. I mean, really, that’s about it. You’d think it would be something crazier than that, but it’s really just a big squiddy thing.

Lava golem

If you encounter it underground, it’s actually magma golem.


A shapechanging creature that lures its prey by camouflaging itself as common furniture. Try thinking about that next time you’re alone at night.


A loathsome scavenger that lives in waste and debris, it uses its whipping tentacles to draw unwary prey into its gaping maw. Don’t offer it a breath mint, you’d just be wasting good mints.


It’s half-owl, half-bear, and all boring.


Why are you reading about this thing when you should be running?

Rust Monster

The scourge of knights and warriors everywhere, the rust monster has a voracious appetite for metal. One touch of its antennae can turn a sword into a pile of useless rust. Would love to share a bag of foil-wrapped chocolate coins with you.


Trickster sea creatures that use their feminine wiles to lure men to watery graves. Don’t ask what keeps the seashells on.


A lost soul who is also good at baseball.


The wandering spirit of a mortal who died with a task left undone. Usually moody.