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Let's assemble Cube's team!

Hey folks!  You get to vote on two Rusty & Co. characters to join Gelatinous Cube on his adventure!

As a reminder, Cube's been tasked with two goals:  Protect the castle from an invasion, and find the infiltrator in the palace staff.  All previous characters in the comic are eligible, except the following:

- Rusty the Rust Monster
- Madeline Goodlaw
- Y.T. the Lamia
- Any of the Formians from Level #9
- Boxford the Mimic
- Anti-Madeline
- Stabs Doogan
- Tartania Plaidbeard
- The Princess
- Any of the gang members from Level #10.
- Characters that would violate the IP of another creator or company.


Q: What will Roxy, Derek, etc. be doing in Level #11 if they don't win the vote?
A: They'll continue to do their jobs, but in the background.  They won't be a major player in the storyline.  

Q: Can I vote for a character who's dead?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Will that return them to life?
A: Possibly.

Q: Can I use my two votes to vote for the same character twice?
A: No.  It will just be counted as one vote for that character.

Q: Will the characters who win the vote be forced to work together, even if they don't get along?
A: No.  As we've seen in the past two levels, characters will still act according to their own priorities.

Q: What's with the weird entries in the list of choices?
A: For this round, write-in candidates are automatically added to the list for future voters, to give those characters a fighting chance of getting in.

Team Member #1
Team Member #2